Privacy Policy

The IP address of the users get used for gathering demographic information, as it also gets used for tracking the general visiting patterns pertaining to the visitors. As when you pay a visit to that of, our servers save the computer's IP address pertaining to the users. Also, information regarding the actual web pages that get visited by the users gets collected.

Also, at, we make use of 'cookies' for storing certain information. A cookie happens to be the piece pertaining to data that gets stored on that of the computer of the user. We at put cookies to use for personalizing and enhancing the experience of the visitors on the website.

Changes made to our privacy policy

We own the perfect rights for changing the terms pertaining to this policy, as it can get done at any time as well as without prior notice. It becomes the sole responsibility of the users of this site to get updated with that of the content pertaining to this privacy policy.