About Us

Our game portal www.143guys.com is constructed for games loving boys and adults. There are games to relax your mind and there are games to test your IQ level. There are yet more games to perk up your Rapid Action Memory, to develop your imagination, to add to your culinary expertise and many more skillfulness. You name it and we have it.

New games with fresh ideas and innovative schemes are added every day. Seasons are given due importance and you will see new games appropriate to that season occupying a sizable space on our homepage. Whether you are a high school guy or someone looking for some relaxed time after many months of hard work, 143guys.com has games suiting for all ages and temperament.

We have a dedicated staff assigned various duties right from Story Boarding to Uploading. Whatever assignment they may be allotted, one thing that they make sure all along is that the games are enjoyable and brings a sense of triumph to the players when each game ends.

This portal named 143guys.com may be created keeping boys and guys in mind. However, the games can be played by girls and women too. There is no gender bias, age bias or whatsoever at our website. As long as one is young at heart one can play games here to their heart's content. After all, Life is full of surprises. And we at www.143guys.com aspire to give our players a few of them.